Tired of Chasing Tenure? Consider an Alt-ac Career

In my most recent podcast episode I talked about the alt-ac career path. I thought I would flesh out those ideas in this blog post and provide plenty of links to the writings of scholars who are doing innovative things in this area. First of all, what is alt-ac? It’s shorthand for alternative academic careers. This […]

Guest Post: How to Be a Self-Employed Philosopher… And Actually Get Paid

This guest post comes from Claartje Van Sijl, who runs a fascinating business. Claartje obtained a PhD in philosophy at Utrecht University. About half way through her doctorate, she realized  she did not want to continue in academia. She decided to become a professional counselor for early career researchers. But she didn’t abandon her philosophical training. She […]

13 Academics Speak Out: “What Would I Do If I Had No Hope of Tenure?”

It’s a situation none of us want to be. You’ve defended your dissertation, published articles, and even found a publisher for your monograph. Your research is top-notch and your reviews are glowing. But you can’t get tenure. Maybe your are adjuncting, but your department only opens up one tenure-track position every four years. There are only 10-15 […]

Will National Adjunct Walkout Day Succeed?

If you haven’t heard, this Wednesday, February 25 is National Adjunct Walkout Day. An anonymous professor at San Jose State University has organized support for a national walkout to highlight the plight of adjunct faculty in the United States. Part-time faculty in Canada are also joining the movement. I’ve written previously about adjuncts lacking health […]

Post-Ac: The Bad Boys of Academia

In honor of a post on how to use the life lessons from Seinfeld to revolutionize your academic career, I am throwing my own Seinfeld post into the ring. In a season eight episode, the eternally milquetoast George Costanza accidentally reinvents himself. Elaine tells a co-worker to stay away from George due to a misunderstanding, causing her to […]