SPP 004 | Conquering Youtube with Philosophy Lectures, with Gregory Sadler

I first learned about Greg when I was reaching out to scholars in anticipation of the launch of the Scholarpreneur website and podcast. I was emailing people who were doing interesting things outside of the traditional academic duties of teaching courses, writing articles and books, etc.

What surprised me first about Greg was his massive digital footprint. It was larger than Southwest Airline’s carbon footprint. He has over 500 videos on Youtube, 18,000 subscribers, and over 1 million views.

Greg is doing all sorts of interesting things with video. He is a professor using Youtube and has recorded hundreds of philosophy lectures, everything from Plato to existentialism. He has also launched the ambitious project “Half Hour Hegel,” which will spend several years going through the entirety of “The Phenomenology of Spirit.”

In this episode, you’ll hear

  • How Greg went from a normal philosophy professor to a Youtube mogul
  • The doors that have opened as a result of his video lectures – including a consulting business, public speaking engagements, and teaching opportunities with exciting new online platform s
  • The best equipment to quickly put lectures and other academic content on Youtube, even if you know nothing about video and have little money
  • How to use Youtube to be on the same academic footing as any Ivy League professor

Sites and Resources mentioned in this podcast episode:

Oplerno – An accredited online school that allows faculty complete control over creation, content, and ownership of courses

Learnist – the thinking man’s Pinterest

Gregory Sadler’s Youtube Page

Greg’s Websites


His main blog is Orexis Dianoētikē —http://gbsadler.blogspot.com/
He’s got a few others as well:

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