Are you a Professor Who Actually Value Free Inquiry? Make Career Backup Plans Because You Will Probably Lose Your Job

Any of these students emotionally upset by your comments? Your job is at risk. Like everything else in life, the Onion describes society better than any op-ed writer or analyst ever could. In a recent article headlined “Parents Dedicate New College Safe Space In Honor Of Daughter Who Felt Weird In Class Once” fake parents describe their outrage […]

SPP 020 | Being a Professor, Writing Consultant, and Paid Public Speaker, with Shannon Hernandez from The Writing Whisperer

Shannon Hernandez is a professor at Brooklyn College and author who worked for 15 years in public education. She helps academics, authors, and business professionals with their writing, messaging, and branding. She also writes and podcasts about reform in America’s secondary education system for such outlets as the Huffington Post and her own podcast Breaking […]

Guest Post: Be Indispensable: 3 Ways to Make Yourself Invaluable

This is a guest post comes courtesy Erin Lovell Ebanks, the mind behind Her site is a great resource for adjuncts, tenured instructors, and everyone in between. Do yourself a favor and check out her site. Until then, check out this great guest post. Erin answers the question how academics can do the impossible […]

SPP 007 | Providing Higher Education for the World While Paying Academics a Fair Wage, with Robert Skiff from

While Robert Skiff was a doctoral student at the University of Vermont, he realized higher education was in need of reform. More like emergency invasive surgery. Faculty were underpaid, students were overcharged for tuition, and the entire American higher education model was in danger of collapse. He wrote a paper called “Blowing the Last Bubble- […]

SPP 005 | How to Set Up an Academic Consulting Business, with Dora Farkas from

Dora Farkas is a PhD from MIT who consults doctoral students how to finish their dissertation. She completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Tufts University, worked in the pharmaceutical industry, and then trained as a life coach before creating the “Finish Your Thesis” online course and her academic consulting business. She also offers individual coaching for […]